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About reflexology

Reflexology is one of the oldest therapies within Chinese medicine. With reflexology, we read the status of the body and look for imbalances and then find the cause of the fundamental problem, whether it is muscular, organs that do not work optimally, blocked emotions or energies that have been blocked. There is always a root cause for our symptoms, and it can be something completely different from what we imagined.

The body and mind are phenomenal at storing information and honestly, deep down all of us know the cause of the symptoms we feel. It’s not always easy to know right away, but when we let go and allow ourselves to feel it, the answers usually come. For some, the answers can be found quickly. For others, it takes longer.


Reflexology Points

Reflexology treatment

With each treatment, I always tell you what reflexology points you can process during our meeting, one at a time. This way you will track where in the treatment program we are and easily stay connected with the process. While you discover your body in this way, you also get support with coaching questions so that you can make the connections between different issues, symptoms, and problems yourself. It gives an overview and an increased understanding of how your body is doing and what you need to give your body to heal and feel better. Perhaps you need to start working out in a gym, do yoga, walk, swim, or do some other form of exercise. You may end up needing to express the things that affect you more deeply. It could be about work, relationships, longings or yearnings, old memories and patterns or your dreams. Or to vent blocked feelings of anger, sadness, or true joy.

Reflexology treatment

If you are interested, I am available for further coaching and more support of this kind through coaching conversations. During treatment I give practical tips and advice that you can apply to your own health regime. Combining reflexology and coaching will help you find your way to better self-care. We help the body balance out emotions and the blockages that exist. We set up a plan that is deeply rooted in what you want, can and need to do. How you can continue treating yourself. Your energies need to flow. Reflexology helps your body to begin to heal!

If you’re feeling out of sorts or having strange aches and pains, look no further than this gifted, intuitive healer in Almyrida. Within a few minutes, Eric has tuned into you, correctly second-guessing what you need and how he can help, his gentle, calming influence putting you completely at ease.
The soles of our feet are souls in a very real sense, as Eric explains, every area relating to a specific organ or part of the body. Reflexology is utterly fascinating but the really big win is how much lighter and brighter you feel after the session. Beats any beauty treatment, hands down! Eric genuinely gets to the bottom of those twinges and niggles and tells you what is causing them. And then he fixes them!

Elizabeth, Kokkino Xorio
I always have such a zest for life after treatment with Eric. He touches and listens to the body’s signals. For me, all emotions come in outlet, laughter, crying and bubbling energy. Eric is a professional as well as a very caring fellow human being. It is noticeable that he has a genuine feeling for what he does. Thank you Eric, for sharing your ability to bring my body to life.
My warmest recommendations!
Viktoria Tidlund, treated at Fridens Hälso Zenter Stockholm
Thanks for the treatment! It worked on with mild nausea for a while and since then it has been mostly mole pain at various points in the left foot, a little up in the leg, arm and hand. The neck feels quite liberated and relieved as it is always cool when the body decides that now is the time and it will be a deeper journey you have to keep up with. Hugs and thanks for the guide as I said!
Maria Silén, November 2020
Thanks for a magical treatment!
You started flowing in the body which gave a proper cleansing. You are both empathetic and accurate. It feels safe! You share your knowledge so I can use it at home. Highly recommend you and will be happy to come again!
Lena Holmén, October 2020
Thank you for the pedagogical and knowledgeable treatment of reflexology you had with us. We thought you explained clearly and in a very good way, also relaxed and unpretentious. Despite the almost unbearable pain (like me Nico) we sometimes (always Nico) felt, it felt very nice in the feet and lower legs later in the day. We also felt that we became thirstier and need to pee that day. Thank you very much for the good treatment and teaching.
Nico and Maria, September 2019
Eric’s treatment was quite painful while it was going on but I felt a lightness and harmony in my body for several days afterwards. The stomach also started properly.
Mia H 55 years, September 2019
My wife and I received a reflexology treatment at our yoga class in Greece. We are very pleased with the treatment as it included both deeper insight-creating thoughts and satisfaction in body and soul. Above all, the responsive conversation and light conversational climate created a trust and openness to understand body and soul in cooperation and how we can understand our symptoms and work with them for a healthier whole. The treatment was tough and at times painful but in its context extremely beneficial and memorable.
Björn and Susanne Malmgård, September 2019
Exciting and interesting! Fun to do it with your partner. To sit next to! Was “encouraged” to make some lifestyle changes to feel better in the long run. Good with concrete exercises and tips. I felt more tired than usual today, the day after the treatment.
Maria, September 2019
Interesting and exciting. Be my very first encounter with reflexology. Received a theoretical description of its function, history and potential use. After that, I got to be an “assistant” during my wife’s treatment. Got to see and also feel the painful points on her feet, interesting. Got an explanation/review of various points on my feet during the treatment. What different points meant, what connections they have to the different organs, what it meant if you felt discomfort or if it hurt. All well explained. The treatment felt above but quite comfortable. Eric identified points and gave extra massage to dissolve the tension that I have in the central parts of my back. The pain in my feet disappeared and I experienced a certain effect. Felt less stiff in the back, especially the next morning at yoga.
Mats, September 2019
The treatment was liberating in some ways! At some points, it hurt shit, but after you pressed for a while, the evil let go and it became a good feeling that spread. You explained very well what you did during the treatment and good that we got to sit next to and follow from the side. You are calm and confident in what you do. I try to massage my feet while I lubricate them. Unfortunately, it will not be the same pressure so it would probably be better if Jyrki took over that part.
Mia Junttila, September 2018
I got a little stomach ache but it disappeared after a day. You are good and know what you are doing. Damn what is hurt in some places but it disappeared quickly and it spread a nice feeling afterwards. The night after, I slept like a log. Now that I’m home I go on a nail mat that you recommended. Very nice. Have it!
Jyrki Junttila, September 2018
A very effective treatment which, however, during some sequences was a bit painful when the sore points were found. The treatment was above expectations and afterwards, you felt so nice relaxed, calm and also painless. Eric found the sore points in my feet that he without knowing me before could relate to the physical problems I had in my body such as problems with the hip and sciatica. By then pressing and massaging those points, it felt like my physical ailments afterwards almost completely disappeared and only appeared weak a few times afterwards. I can so highly recommend all of you to go to Eric for this reflexology treatment. I will be a standing customer.
Caroline Ängeskog, May 2018
Have been on a reflexology treatment with Eric Lebert Hirvi which I found very rewarding, even though it hurt quite a bit. He has great knowledge and gave very good guiding information about what he came up with during the treatment and which I have benefited from. It has relieved my discomfort. I highly recommend him.
Kerstin Nylén, May 2018
Yes, it was a fantastic experience. So relaxing and very cool what you could identify through the treatment. I experience you as incredibly talented, friendly and professional. Highly recommended!
Jarmila Zavodanova, May 2018
I experienced that the treatment was performed professionally. It is noticeable that you know what you are doing. I would like to receive more treatments. I have by and large now excluded lactose and feel that my stomach is less swollen, otherwise no clear other signs. I took to drinking more water… I was sore on the inside of the calves about 4-5 days after the treatment and have for me that you said it was the lymphatic system? And that water purifies the system. I look forward to the reflexology education in Gothenburg. Have a nice day.
Liselotte Holmberg, May 2018
Important, useful and thoughtful treatment that gave a lot. Eric is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Got with me many concrete tips. Now I walk barefoot as often as I can and lie on the nail mat for a while every night.
Sofia Schneider, May 2018
I can highly recommend Eric. He is very knowledgeable, calm and confident. Got good results on my treatment and good information on how I can continue some treatment myself.
Lena Niklasson, May 2018
What a cleansing… I have never felt so good in my stomach as during this week. It hurt terribly at times during the treatment, but what happened afterwards and which I connect to your treatment was that I urinated incredibly much, my migraine gave way the next day, runny nose the next day and I started dreaming incredibly much that night. It was a healing week. Thanks again for a magical treatment…Jennie Andersson, May 2015
The treatment in reflexology was very exciting and interesting. The experience was not completely painless, but I strongly believe that it works. I felt, when it hurt the most, that I was very touched, sweaty on my hands, shaking. That it was emotions that wanted to come out. I think I have a lot inside me from previous years that has never really been processed. I have not directly been the one to talk about my feelings. I could definitely imagine more treatments. And also recommend this to others! Interesting what you said about male / female. I would have liked to hear more about that! Have a great time!
Helena Sjölin, May 2015
After my first reflexology treatment, I went from skeptical to lyrical and with great respect for my feet. Many pressures hurt but the feeling after was total relaxation and well-being. I became pretty drowsy afterwards and am still thinking about how you could feel my old abdominal injuries on my feet. Longing for the next treatment.
Marita Berg Gustafsson, May 2015
This was my first encounter with reflexology. A positive, but a bit painful experience! But got clear explanations of what the different zones affected in the body! There were no major problems / imbalances in my body and thus reminded me of what a strong and prosperous body I have! Thanks Eric!
Pia Hansson, May 2015
I experienced your Reflexology very well and it felt like you cared, it hurt a lot but it was because I have problems in the body. You gave good tips on how to deal with my problems and I have gone to the doctor many times and it has never helped me! Now I try to stand on the nail mat a little every day and drink at least 2 liters a day as you said. So, thank you for the lesson you gave me Eric.
Hug Annicka Sjöberg, May 2015
I can highly recommend Eric. I have over the years tried different reflexologists and think Eric was great. He listened, took his time and came up with good suggestions on how I can solve my problems after ticking them all off. Unbelievable!
Johanna Gjersvold, May 2014.
I have always been interested in different treatments for balance in the body. When I was going to have the treatment, I decided beforehand not to say anything about my problems in the body, but to let the reflexology and Eric come to that conclusion. I am impressed by Eric’s knowledge. He announces every step as he works his way forward. The treatment itself caused a lot of pain in some places while at other points it could feel comfortable. I know with me that I have a high pain threshold so he could work hard with my feet, and for me it was just breathing. As I wrote before, I was impressed by Eric, but also by how you can see and feel on your feet how you feel in the body. And Eric found my sore neck, back and pelvis. Even my stomach problems. Of course, it hurt a lot more in those places. I felt safe with Eric and the knowledge he possesses. Eric works calmly and methodically, checking how you feel and feel. The effects after were a wonderful calm and I got very tired. Since the treatment, I have slept more and better than I did before. I feel relief from my problems after just one treatment but would need to go continuously on treatments to feel more long-term effects. It’s a tip for others. I recommend reflexology and especially with Eric Lebert Hirvi.
China Persson, Moheda, May 2014.
I’ve never been to reflexology before, so I thought it might be a little fun to try. I feel good and have no direct ailments, but have had a little cough that irritated me to and fro. Since I heard from the other participants about cleansing, etc., I booked an appointment. During the treatment, it was very interesting to know which different parts of the body were connected to the points under the feet. Eric urged me to be a little observant of gluten and milk reactions. I have never experienced that I have problems with my stomach, but since both my sister and mother feel better without gluten and milk, maybe I should try it too. After the treatment itself, I felt very alert and full of energy. Most people I talked to became very tired but I had the opposite effect and it has lasted for over a week now. I have also had a great peace of mind and have not been particularly affected by the job despite a high workload. I have felt a great job satisfaction and laughed to myself that maybe I should stress myself out because there is a lot to do… But the peace remains. Big WAR THANKS for the treatment.
Anette Alldén, Gothenburg, May 2014
During the yoga trip to Skiathos, we were offered treatments in reflexology by Eric Hirvi Lebert. I have never tried this before and chose to go on 3 treatments this week. I have a very stressful life at home with studies and 3 children, one of whom has a disability. So, my body has been out of balance for many years. I suffer from a thyroid disease, muscle aches and high stress levels in my body. Eric was very good at managing his profession and I got immediate effects from the treatments. I had a major cleansing of the intestines, relief of my muscle aches and I feel more relaxed. Going to Eric for treatments is something I would happily recommend to others.
Helen Bäcklund, Lidköping, May 2014
Läromästare i reflexologi Khun Voratas Kositpirapong

My guru Voratas Kositspirapong

My education

I have worked with health and wellness for over 30 years – in non-profit, as an employee and as a self-employed person – within Friskis &Svettis, as a wellness consultant and self-employed in Sweden, Thailand and Greece. I have extensive experience and education in; physical training, anatomy and physiology, active instructor, leadership development, personal trainer, coaching, ergonomics, diet and nutrition, fitness tests, massage, lectures, health projects and as a health inspirator.

I found reflexology through my guru Voratas Kositspirapong when I 2005 moved to Koh Lanta in Thailand. I completed a thorough training in his method of treatment and have since had annual follow-ups for 5 years. In the last 20 years, I have completed over 1,000 treatments and started several courses in reflexology. As a development of my concept, I have included coaching according to the GROW-method.

Eric Lebert Hirvi Certificate in Reflexology

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