Inspiration with Eric

My Inspiration with Eric Lebert Hirvi

My mission is to inspire people to make more genuine life choices. I do this by way of my own experience that highlight alternative ways of both working and living. I changed my life in 2005 by moving to Thailand full-time. I then moved on to Rhodes in 2011 and lived there for several years and I am now dividing my time between Sweden, Greece and Asia. During this time, I’ve chosen to own as few things as possible. I only own what I use and, if I buy something new, I will discard something else. This makes it much easier to make changes in my life when and if necessary. In addition, it gives me more time for other things, energy to focus on what I want and need. Things cost time, money and energy. My choice to own only a few things allow me to control life in a completely different way than before, to be more independent. Having full control of finances, possessions and investments creates full freedom and an independent lifestyle.

90 days with Camilla & Eric

90 days with Camilla & Eric

As inspiration I here share mine and Camilla’s vlog “90 days with Camilla & Eric” where we show our everyday life for 90 consecutive days. So far, we have recorded five seasons with over 450 films in total.

Yoga trips


Here you will also find our yoga trips with Malin Berghagen in Sweden and in Greece. On these trips I join as an inspirer and reflexologist.

Forever Mr Aloeveric International


If you want an alternative income, I’ll can introduce you to Forever Living Products, which has allowed me to work freely and globally. I can do that for you too!