About Eric Lebert Hirvi

About Eric Lebert Hirvi

I have worked with health in various ways for more than 30 years, more than 20 years with reflexology and I am a certified coach. I was engaged with Friskis & Svettis, had my own businesses in Sweden, Thailand and Greece, worked as a wellness consultant in occupational health care and various project employments.

In my spare time, I love gardening and producing the food I eat as I am a vegetarian. In the best of worlds, I would be riding a hot motorcycle with my beloved on the back. I also enjoy creative carpentry and as a young man, I competed in division three bowling.

Camilla and Erik Lebert Hirvi

I met my wife Camilla online in 2005 and travelled to Thailand where I had never been. Since then, I live mostly as an expatriate and digital nomad, which I love.

I am an inspirer that coaches in personal development, career, finance, lifestyle and self-focus. A young man of middle age who is inspired by others who dare to push the envelope with dreams and visions. I want to influence and inspire others to do the unexpected because I am somewhat unusual myself. I see opportunities and want to develop life in contexts that are beneficial for all living beings and Mother Earth.

I have my origins in a unique family of Finnish descent and I have seven siblings. Now my family is a big and blissful mix of friends. I was never satisfied with either living or working until the day I surprised myself and moved abroad. That’s how I found my home inside myself. In that transition and on the journey I kind of came home. Every day is a new day that brings new opportunities.