Coaching with Eric

Coaching with Eric

My coaching

I am a certified coach and through my coaching, you go from thought to action in any area of your life. My speciality lies in seeing the small steps that lead to the big changes. With experience in changing your life in terms of, for example, ownership, housing, income and priorities, I am a support for you if you want something more in life than what you have today.

It doesn’t matter if you want help with internal processes or practical help moving forward, we always start from your own goals and intentions. It can range from very concrete questions about your role as a person, spouse, parent, work, money, or deeper aspects of your life vision, obstacles, personal development, and issues that you need to be supported in.

We sort and work out the best way for you to get you to your goal and vision. Perhaps even your dream scenario of what you choose to focus on. Each step and all the conversations will lead you forward in the direction you have set your sights on, and we will find solutions to the issues that may arise along the way. By posing questions and looking for alternative choices, you will find the answers within you. If you want to change, improve your life for the future, you are invited to take the first step with me right now with guaranteed results.

Coaching with Eric Lebert Hirvi

Holistic view of life

I have more than 30 years of experience within health work and am today one of Sweden’s foremost reflexologists and coaches. Through various businesses, I have helped people develop into a better version of themselves and shown that it is possible for anyone to reach their potential. With fearlessness, empathy and great confidence in success, I lead the way with development, opportunities and great hope. Personally, I threw myself into the big wide world 2005 and I am convinced that anyone can find the life of their dreams on all levels of life. When all aspects of life work in harmony and are in balance, we feel at our best. This holistic approach reflects my approach as a coach and as a human being.

Coaching online

The coaching takes place via Zoom and you need an internet connection, a device with a webcam, speakers and a microphone.

Download Zoom for free here

Great benefits of web calls:

  • You can be at home or wherever you feel comfortable.
  • There are better opportunities to choose a time of day that suits you.
  • It’s timesaving, you don’t have to go to a particular place.
  • You can physically be anywhere in the world.
  • It provides the opportunity to meet during travel or illness.

As a coach, I have a vow of silence. I never even acknowledge that you have booked coaching with me and certainly never share anything that we are talking about. You can always feel completely safe and should feel free to talk about things that you may not be able to talk about with anyone else.


The plan for coaching and fees vary based on how many coaching sessions you book. Choose from 1, 3, 5, 10 or 16 sessions. For price information for the different arrangements, please fill out the interest request.

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